CEE Property Development Portfolio 2 a.s. (CPDP 2) is a real estate investment company with its registered seat located in the Czech Republic. CPDP 2 invests into assets located within the territories of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, especially in the capital cities.

CPDP 2 a.s.
Budějovická 1912/64B
Praha 4, 140 00

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 956 783 801
E-mail: info@cpdp2.eu


The CPDP2 strategy is focused on the existing income generating core-plus medium and large size properties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. CPDP2 is actively managing assets in the following segments:

  • Offices
  • Shopping Centers
  • Residential projects
  • Land

Asset location

CPDP2´s portfolio is split between Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mision and Investment approach

CPDP2´s  mision is to establish long-term and stable business relationships with its partners in order to create added value for the its investors based on conservative approach and realistic expectations driven by the appropriate asset, property and facility management activities.